Next Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ canceled?

We may see another Toyobaru, though.

The Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 twins won't spawn long-rumored convertible and/or turbocharged models when they return for a second generation. That's because the next-generation coupes have been canceled, according to a recent report.

Enthusiast website Japanese Nostalgic Car learned about the Toyobaru's demise from Japanese magazine Best Car. The publications explained that Toyota and Subaru have decided not to work together on new versions of the small, rear-wheel drive coupes they jointly developed. We don't know why they have allegedly canceled their partnership, and neither company has commented on the report.

From here, the soon-to-be former partners can take one of three directions. They can leave the segment entirely, a move which would make sense from a financial perspective. They can develop new sports cars independently, which would require a significant investment that would take years to recover. Or, interestingly, they could form a new partnership. JNC pointed out Subaru's on-again, off-again mid-engined sports car could allow Toyota to resurrect the MR2 nameplate. The company has previously hinted it wants to sell more sports cars and the MR2 still resonates in enthusiast circles.

According to JNC, the four-cylinder-powered Supra that Toyota will offer in Japan will temporarily fill the void created by the 86's demise. We won't get that engine in the United States, where the Supra will be six-cylinder-only. Subaru will soldier on without a coupe in its line-up in the foreseeable future once it ends production of the BRZ.

Photo by Byron Hurd.

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