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LA: Toyota's hybrid tech spreads to the Corolla

by Ronan Glon

It should get the same hybrid tech as the Prius.

Toyota introduced the brand-new, 12th-generation Corolla sedan during a media event held on November 15; Leftlane was on-location to bring you the inside scoop as soon as the veil came off. The company later announced plans to introduce the first American-spec Corolla fitted with a hybrid powertrain.

Toyota released a teaser photo that merely shows the Corolla Hybrid receives blue exterior accents. They bring it in line with every other gasoline-electric member of the company's portfolio. However, because the new Corolla is based on the company's modular platform, we can speculate the hybrid model will receive the same electrified technology that equips the current Prius. The system will boost the Corolla's fuel economy but it won't allow it to drive on electricity alone; we don't expect the Corolla will have a plug.

The teaser image clearly shows the 12th-generation Corolla sedan. We don't know whether Toyota will also hybridize the Corolla Hatch. In Europe, the Corolla hatchback's predecessor (called Auris across the pond and Corolla iM in America) was offered with a hybrid powertrain.

We'll have a better idea of what the future holds for Toyota's line-up of hybridized cars when the Corolla Hybrid makes its public debut at the Los Angeles auto show. Sales will begin in 2019, meaning the model might not reach showrooms until the 2020 model year.