NY preview: 2020 Toyota Highlander [Video]

Toyota has issued an unusual teaser of its new Highlander.

Time Lapse - The Creation of the 2020 Highlander Art Installation from Toyota PR on Vimeo.

Toyota has released a rather unique teaser for its upcoming 2020 Highlander. Instead of issuing a standard sketch, Toyota partnered with an augmented reality artist to create a 3D illustration of its upcoming family SUV.

The art installation of the 2020 Highlander was created over a two month period by augmented reality artist Michael Murphy. Murphy used a rendering of the new Highlander to create 200 unique 3D printouts that he then had to paint by hand.

Those 200 pieces were then suspended in air to create a 3D illusion of the 2020 Highlander. From straight on the art piece creates a glimpse of the future SUV, but from any other angle it just appears to be a jumble of shapes.

When aligned we can see that the 2020 Highlander will retain the same general proportions of today's model. The most notable difference appears to be a sloping roofline that gives the big SUV a more sporting look.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander will make its official debut on April 17th at the New York auto show.

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