Second MkIV Toyota Supra commands six figures at auction

From 'right on' to 'rad:' 80s and 90s icons are commanding muscle car money.

While the air seems to be coming out of the Barrett-Jackson muscle car pricing balloon, staples of the "rad" era are starting to command big money at auctions. Earlier this week, another MkIV Toyota Supra brought in six figures, and this time it was closer to the $200,000 mark than $100,000.

At $173,600,the 1994 Toyota Supra turbo pictured above is now the most-expensive example known to have changed hands, and the Supra isn't the only model starting to command big money. Multiple fox-body Ford Mustangs have made waves in recent months, and one listed on Bring a Trailer at the time of this story's publication has already pulled in a $65,000 bid with six days left on the auction.

The message is clear: Gen Xers and older Millennials can afford to pay real money to scratch their nostalgia itches. The latter are often blamed for discouraging trends in automotive enthusiasm, but the reality is that many in their mid-thirties (yeah, you're a millennial) grew up lusting after post-malaise muscle and Japanese sports cars, and as mid-level professionals can now afford to splurge on their childhood icons.

The moral of this story? If you've been lusting after a clean example of your childhood hero car, there's no better time to pull the trigger. These cars are only getting more difficult to find (and consequently more expensive) as time passes.

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