Toyota Rav4 fails 'moose' test [Video]

Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld has described the Rav4's maneuvering behavior as "dangerous."

The Toyota Rav4 has failed the "moose test," an evasive maneuver performed by Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld to evaluate a vehicle's ability to swerve around large obstacles in the road.

The testing team noticed poor performance beginning at 42 mph, slightly below the 70 kmh "lower limit" required to pass the test.
"The behavior was really bad with strong skid tendencies and the electronic stability control system engaged very late," the magazine says.
Testing a second Rav4 in warmer weather did not improve performance, with unpredictable behavior that included going up on two wheels or bouncing and skidding sideways.
"The behavior in the avoidance maneuver test is so dangerous that, until Toyota corrects the error, our advise is to not buy the car," the report concludes.
Toyota has issued a response noting that safety is its top priority and the company applies strict safety tests during product development.
"Our internal tests fully meet the global standards for obstacle avoidance, and since 2016, we have updated our processes to also reflect the procedures used by Teknikens Värld. During its development stage, RAV4 successfully passed all internal tests, including the ISO 3888-2 and the Teknikens Varld Elk test," the statement adds. "We give our assurance to all Toyota customers that they can be confident in the safety of their vehicles."

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