Toyota remains 'committed' to Land Cruiser in US despite slow sales

The next-gen model is not expected to arrive until the 2021 model year or later.

Toyota has reaffirmed its intention to keep the Land Cruiser in US showrooms amid dismal sales.

The SUV accounted for only a tiny share of Toyota's US deliveries last year, failing to achieve an average volume of even 300 units per month. The trend has continued into 2019, with just 764 units sold in the first three months of the year.

"We are fully committed to the Land Cruiser for the foreseeable future," Toyota senior vice president Bill Fay told Motor Authority at the New York auto show.

The current Land Cruiser has been in production since 2007. Rumors suggest the next generation will not be on the market until the 2021 model year or later, presumably with a downsized engine to replace the thirsty 5.7-liter V8.

In the meantime, Toyota is hoping the limited-edition Heritage package will reinvigorate sales.

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