Toyota shows stylish Mirai sedan concept

The concept looks more like a Lexus than a Prius.

Toyota has revealed the 2021 Mirai sedan concept, giving the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle a more mainstream look.

The concept steps away from the current Mirai's Prius-like profile in favor of a fastback sedan shape. Styling appears to take inspiration from luxury sister brand Lexus.
The sedan integrates the company's latest fuel-cell tech, promising 30 percent more range with increased hydrogen capacity. Drivers can also expect more power and an even quieter experience.
The press release wording suggests the concept represents a near-production design for the second-generation Mirai, due to go on sale late next year.
"I want customers to say, 'I chose the Mirai not because it's an FCEV, but because I really wanted this car, and it just happened to be an FCEV,'" says Mirai chief engineer Yoshikazu Tanaka.
Ditching the Prius aesthetic and adding more range could help increase Mirai sales, though there still appears to be a broad lack of interest in FCEVs as the industry increasingly focuses on pure battery-powered EVs. There are still only a few hydrogen refueling stations, nearly all located in a few California cities, making FCEVs an inconvenient choice for most potential buyers.

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