Toyota, Subaru confirm next-gen GT/BRZ in the works

Both companies flatly denied rumors that the twins would be retired.

Rejecting recent rumors, Toyota and Subaru have independently confirmed that the GT and BRZ will live on for another generation.

A report in Japanese magazine Best Car claimed the companies had canceled plans to collaborate on next-generation Toyobaru twins. Earlier rumors had suggested the companies were working on an updated platform, potentially with a turbocharged powertrain and convertible variants.

A Toyota spokesperson now tells Carscoops that the Japanese report is false, while Subaru USA spokesman Ron Kinno responded with "we do not endorse this report coming from Japan's Best Car" and "We are moving ahead with a next-generation Subaru BRZ, but have no further details at this time."

To be clear, the denials do not explicitly confirm that Toyota and Subaru are working together on the respective next-generation GT and BRZ, though such collaboration seems likely.

The next-generation models are presumably at least a few years away.

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