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Toyota Supra TRD concept revealed

by Ben Hsu

The concept boasts a lot of carbon fiber bits for better aerodynamics.

Toyota has unveiled a TRD concept of the new Supra in Japan. With many claimed aerodynamic improvements, the car boasts a more aggressive look.

Unveiled at the Osaka Auto Messe aftermarket show, the Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD is fitted with many parts from Toyota Racing Development. Though in the past, the in-house tuning arm has offered high-level engine and suspension parts for Toyotas, in the Supra's case the equipment is largely limited to streamlining.

Firstly, it has been fitted with forged 19-inch wheels with a mesh-spoke design. Its front spoiler, side skirts, rear spats and a trunklid spoiler are all crafted from carbon fiber, and said to increase downforce and thus vehicle stability in a straight-line charge. In addition, a carbon fiber door garnish replaces a stock faux vent, and is said to reduce turbulence of the airflow over the rear end.

The car itself is finished in a dull silver color, which compliments the carbon fiber weave nicely. Toyota hasn't disclosed if or when these parts may be available, and whether they will, like many TRD parts in the past, remain Japanese market exclusives.

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