2018 VW CC to launch early next year

A new VW CC will arrive in early 2017.

Volkswagen's next-generation CC four-door coupe will arrive in dealer showrooms early next year, a new report finds. The new CC is expected to draw most of its styling influences from the Sport Coupe Concept GTE that debuted in Geneva in 2015.

The imminent launch of the new CC was expected after our spy photographers spotted the next-generation of the four-door coupe testing in August, but we now have confirmation straight from the horse's mouth. A VW representative told Bloomberg that the new CC "is set to roll out as early as next year.”

The new CC will ride of VW's MQB modular vehicle architecture and sport styling similar to that of the Sport Coupe Concept GTE that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. The latest version of the CC should have a more livable back seat and a bigger trunk — both of which are weak points for the current CC.

It remains to be seen what will power the new CC. The Sport Coupe Concept GTE used a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain, but such a system might not be ready for the CC at launch. In its place could be a turbocharged four-cylinder or a naturally-aspirated V6.

The current CC already carries a price tag of $34,475 — about 12 grand more than a base Passat — be we hear VW might push the CC's price point even higher with the latest version. That would put the CC in closer competition with vehicle like the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe.

VW has announced where the new CC will be introduced, but the 2017 Geneva show seems like a likely venue.

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