German 8-year-old crashes mom's VW Golf after 110-mph joyride

The same boy was caught hitting 87 mph in the same car days earlier.

A German eight-year-old has gained global attention after taking his mother's Volkswagen Golf for increasingly wild joyrides, ultimately crashing the car after hitting triple-digit speeds.

The youngster was in the news last week when he took the Golf for a spin on the Autobahn. Feeling unwell after just a few miles at speeds of up to 87 mph, he pulled off to the side of the road and placed a warning triangle behind the parked vehicle with the hazard lights activated, according to a DW report.

Apparently feeling better after the first run, the boy took the car for another spin just a few days later and bumped the speed to 110 mph on the highway. Police say he also ignored red lights while driving around the town of Dortmund approximately 31 miles from his hometown.

The higher-speed run nearly ended in tragedy when the Golf struck a trailer attached to truck parked at a lot along the highway. No injuries were reported, though the car was "badly damaged."

Still nine years away from being allowed to get his driver's license in Germany, the boy said he "just wanted to drive a little" and had experience behind the wheel of bumper cars and go-karts. He will now receive psychological counseling following the pair of incidents.

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