Volkswagen considering Golf R Performance for US market?

Currently available only outside the US, the package boasts an Akrapovic exhaust, larger brakes, no speed limiter and a few aesthetic enhancements.

Volkswagen is apparently considering the Golf R Performance for the US market.

The Europe-exclusive Performance Pack boasts an Akrapovic exhaust system, bigger brakes and deleted speed limiter. The package is visually distinguished by unique bodywork and 19-inch wheels.

VW product specialist Megan Garbis recently said it would be "really fun" to offer the kit in the US, according to a VWvortex report.

"I don't know right now if we have the option to bring over to the United States, but it's obviously something that we're evaluating," she added.

The company is currently assessing the Performance Pack's sales potential against other popular aftermarket options available in the US market.

Image by Ronan Glon.

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