VW to begin sales of some 2015 TDI models

About 11,000 TDI VW models are heading to dealers.

Volkswagen's U.S. diesel ambitions came to a sudden halt after it was discovered that the company was cheating on emissions testing, but VW's clean diesel party isn't over just yet.

That's because about 11,000 TDIs from the 2015 model year have been approved by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board for sale through VW dealerships. Models given the green light for sale include the Beetle, Golf, Golf SportWagen, Jetta and Passat.

So far the EPA and CARB have only signed off on a fix for VW's EA288 four-cylinder diesel; older models equipped with VW's EA189 engine have not been cleared for sale. It remains unknown if VW is developing a fix for 2014 and older models or if the company will simply be forced to scrap those vehicles.

VW will begin an organized rollout of the 2015 TDI models in the coming weeks. However, not every dealership will be given access to the older TDI models. VW spokesperson Jeannine Ginivan told Green Car Reports that sales "will be based on dealer capacity to properly prepare the vehicles.”

Prices for VW's "new” 2015 TDI models have not been announced. However, MSRP could be thrown out the window because VW can't force dealers to sell a vehicle at a particular price. Despite the tarnished reputation of VW's TDI models on the whole, there is still a loyal following for the company's diesel models. And with the vast majority of the 450,000 VW TDIs covered by the scandal still ineligible for sale, a lack of supply could push prices well past VW's suggested prices.

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