Electric powertrains to transform VW's GTI 'formula'

A VW executive has hinted at an electric all-wheel-drive system to make the car more fun to drive.

The first car to be launched under Volkswagen's all-electric ID brand could also bear the venerable GTI badge.

The first ID concept, revealed in Paris, was presented as a futuristic evolution of the Golf, with a shorter overall length but longer wheelbase. In its basic form with a 168-horsepower electric motor, drivers could expect to get to 60 mph in less than eight seconds and top out at 99 mph.

VW's sales and marketing head, Juergen Stackmann, has now hinted at a more powerful edition that will carry forward the GTI name in an all-electric package.

"Today we are really successful in having a range of performance, especially at Volkswagen," he told Auto Express. "We need to recreate this with e-mobility."

The company expects to start with a "rational approach" to suit everyday use, filling the same role the Golf serves in VW's traditionally powered lineup. But eventually a GTI edition could offer more range, quicker acceleration "and maybe also 4WD."

The first ID car is slated to arrive on the market in 2020.

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