VW Golf, GTI set for mid-cycle update, more power?

Europeans are expected to get the best upgrades, including a jump to 306 horsepower for the Golf R.

Volkswagen is reportedly working on a mid-cycle update for the Golf family, including the sportier GTI and Golf R variants.

All Golf variants will receive modest exterior tweaks and a larger infotainment screen, according to Car and Driver, while the high-performance packages will receive even more upgrades, particularly for customers in Europe.

The GTI is expected to receive an extra 10 horsepower, bringing output up to 220 ponies. Its transmission is said to be due for an update, potentially adding shorter gearing.

The Euro-spec Golf R will reportedly get a bit more boost, potentially delivering 306 horsepower and a 166-mph top speed thanks to a 20.3-psi intake charge -- but not in the US market. Other changes are said to include an optional Akrapovi? exhaust system, upgraded brakes borrowed from the GTI Clubsport and a new wheel design.

The latest report suggests the eight-generation Golf could be offered only in a four-door configuration. The new model is expected to arrive on the market in around three years.

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