NHTSA considers VW GTI, Golf, Jetta investigation into stalling complaints

Owners claim the engine stalls even when the clutch is disengaged.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reviewing a petition that calls for an investigation into 2019 Volkswagen GTI, Golf, and Jetta vehicles equipped with manual transmissions.

The petitioner claims the engine turns off unexpectedly when the vehicle slows to a stop or prepares to turn across traffic, even when the clutch pedal is fully depressed and the vehicle is in neutral.
"I've had a problem with the car stalling as I come to a stop. It's happened multiple times, all while slowly coming to a stop," one complaint says. "It's quiet and [I] don't even notice until I try to accelerate."
The NHTSA has listed more than 150 similar complaints that have been submitted for the 2019-model-year vehicles. The agency is now evaluating the petition to determine if a formal investigation is warranted.

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