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Volkswagen 'carefully' considering Tanoak pickup for US

by Justin King

VW\'s US boss cautions that the US pickup segment is very \'patriotic\' and dominated by Detroit automakers.

Volkswagen is still cautiously considering a production Atlas Tanoak pickup for the US market.

Presented in concept form earlier this year in New York, the Tanoak is an Atlas crossover chopped to fit a pickup bed instead of a third seating row. The resulting truck is slightly larger than the Honda Ridgeline.

VW's proposed specs for the Tanoak are nearly a perfect match for the Ridgeline, hinting at a serious production intention.

Speaking to Autocar, VW's US chief, Hinrich Woebcken, voiced enthusiasm for the Tanoak in US showrooms but admitted the pickup would face stiff competition from established American rivals.

"It fits the brand well, because we want to get more American in the US, but it's something we have to look at carefully," he said. "It's a very patriotic segment, which American manufacturers dominate."

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