Volvo to overhaul entire lineup by 2018

Most of Volvo\'s upcoming models will ride on a new modular platform.

Geely-owned Volvo has confirmed that it will overhaul its entire product portfolio by the year 2018.

The Swedish firm's model expansion kicked off last October when it introduced the all-new 2015 XC90 at the Paris Motor Show. The XC90 is monumentally important because it is the first model to ride on Volvo's new modular Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform and it ushered in the design language that will influence all of the company's future models.

Dennis Nobelius, Volvo's head of the Large Cars line, told Digital Trends that the next new Volvo will be a flagship sedan designed to replace the aging S80. Called S90, it will mirror the XC90's upscale positioning in a bid to take on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5-Series. The similarities between the two will be more than skin deep as the S90 and the XC90 will share most major mechanical components, a move that will allow Volvo to benefit from economies of scale.

The S90 will quickly spawn a station wagon called V90 that insiders say will draw inspiration from the stunning Concept Estate (pictured) that was presented at the Geneva Motor Show last March. Additionally, a long-wheelbase variant of the S90 will be offered in a handful of markets including China and the United States.

The S60, V60 and XC60 will all switch to the SPA platform when they are renewed in 2017. The idea of building a two-door version of the next S60 aimed at the BMW 4-Series hasn't been completely ruled out but it has been put on the backburner so that Volvo can allocate resources to its ambitious product offensive.

Finally, the Golf-sized V40 hatchback will be replaced by a new model that will ride on a modular platform developed jointly by Volvo and Geely. Currently comprised of just the V40 hatch, Volvo's entry-level 40-badged lineup will be expanded with the addition of a four-door sedan and a tall crossover, two body styles that are likely to be sold in the United States.

Don't expect to see all of Volvo's upcoming cars bow at major auto shows. The Swedish automaker recently announced that it will limit its auto show participation to the Detroit Motor Show, the Geneva Motor Show and either the Beijing or the Shanghai Motor Show.

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