Volkswagen Arteon misses Top Safety Pick; all headlights deemed 'poor'

Two of the three headlight configurations received the bottom rating due to excessive glare.

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon has been excluded from the Top Safety Pick ranks despite acing the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crashworthiness tests.

The sedan is among many vehicles that have had trouble with the IIHS headlight evaluations, which must be 'acceptable' for a Top Safety Pick award and 'good' for the TSP+ honor roll.
All three of the Arteon's available headlights received 'poor' ratings. The base configuration earned the rating because of insufficient illumination, while the curve-adaptive LED projectors on the higher trim levels were rated poor due to excessive glare.
"Headlights are evaluated for both visibility and glare because glare can reduce visibility for other road users," the IIHS report notes.
To be clear, the curve-adaptive projectors provided good visibility from the Arteon driver's perspective, with nearly optimal illumination in most of the low- and high-beam measurements on straightaways and curves.
Automakers apparently must walk a fine line as they engineer headlights to meet the IIHS illumination requirements without creating too much glare for oncoming traffic, which is unlikely to be a major concern for most potential buyers.

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