VW confirms plans for ID.3 R

The all-electric R model is not expected to arrive for at least five years.

Volkswagen has confirmed plans to eventually launch an R-badged version of the ID.3.

Speaking to Autocar, VW sales head Jurgen Stackmann said the future for R cars "must be electric," but the company is still working to define exactly what the performance sub-brand will mean for its EV lineup.
"Clearly the word R means high output combustion engine, and that will now move to higher output plug-in hybrid systems and then it will move onwards to R electric," he added. "We need to get firm on our electric vision fast."
The executive suggested the current state of EV powertrains brings a necessary compromise in performance versus range. He is presumably referring to heavy batteries.
The German automaker hopes to deliver an electric R car in under five years, eventually replicating the positioning of the internal-combustion Golf, GTI and R.

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