VW ID hatchback to start at 206 miles of range, priced equivalent to diesel Golf

The report suggests VW's $23,000 entry-level EV will be a shorter-range variant.

Volkswagen is reportedly planning to offer two battery capacities for the upcoming ID-badged hatchback.

The company has mentioned a long-range model with up to 342 miles of charge based on the generous WLTP test cycle. Top Gear suggests the base version will have a WLTP range of closer to 200 miles, however.

One executive has mentioned that the long-range variant will have the price tag of a "modern Golf Diesel." As noted by Carscoops, the Golf Diesel costs between $27,000 and $39,000 in Europe, leaving some lingering uncertainty.

VW is also working on a budget-price electric vehicle referred to as the "MEB entry" with a rumored price tag of less than $23,000. The latest details surrounding the ID hatchback provide further evidence that the cheapest MEB-based car will sacrifice range to achieve its price tag.

The German automaker has designed the MEB platform architecture to support a wide range of body styles, from the small Golf-like hatchback to the commercial-focused ID Buzz Cargo van.

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