Report: VW ID.3 facing 'massive software problems"

The company is said to be parking 20,000 vehicles until the new software architecture is ready.

Volkswagen's ID.3 electric hatchback is reportedly facing significant issues as cars roll off the assembly line without complete software necessary for delivery.

Germany's Manager Magazin bluntly claims the company is "struggling with massive software problems" that may require the first 20,000 units to be parked until the electronic systems are manually programmed in the coming months, at which point the company can roll out additional over-the-air updates as needed.

The trouble presumably relates to VW Group's harmonized software platform that aims to supplant eight different unique electronic architectures that are used across the company's current lineup.

From an engineering perspective, Tesla's electronic control systems represent one of the most revolutionary departures from current automotive industry norms that typically rely on a multitude of separate control modules built by various suppliers that may each use their own unique programming. Tesla's approach has allowed the company to release OTA updates that bring tangible changes to range, performance, infotainment functions, Autopilot capabilities and other features.

If the latest report is accurate, VW Group is apparently falling behind in its quest to 'leapfrog' Tesla and dominate the EV market within the next few years. CEO Herbert Diess' 2017 proclamation that VW will "surpass" Tesla and "stop them ... rein them in" now appear even more arrogant and out of touch. The Audi e-tron, VW ID.3 and Porsche Taycan were initially viewed as potential direct rivals to Tesla models, however all three models eventually received final specs that fell short of the Tesla Model X, 3 and S, respectively.

VW's Tesla-killing ambitions will be put to the test once again in 2020 as both companies launch all-electric crossovers in a similar price bracket.

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