VW reconsidering Golf R Plus with 'close to' 400 horsepower?

An executive recently claimed there was no market for a 400+ hp Golf.

Volkswagen's on-again, off-again Golf R400 concept may be back on the table, albeit with slightly less horsepower.

The automaker is reportedly considering adding a Golf R Plus flagship with "close to" 400 horsepower, taking square aim at the Mercedes-AMG A45, according to Autocar.

Billed as the "most extreme and powerful Golf yet," the new Plus variant is said to be under development in parallel with the standard Golf R at VW's R&D headquarters.

Notably, Volkswagen R boss Jost Capito recently said the R400 would not move beyond prototype stage. Early prototypes were powered by either a 400-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine or a turbo five-cylinder borrowed from the Audi RS3 with closer to 420 ponies.

"We did research and customers don't want it," Capito said just last month. "They want around 300 horsepower and a price tag below 50,000 euros."

Dropping to a Golf R Plus with not quite 400 horsepower and a lower price tag appears to fit the bill.

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