Volvo announces free towing for life

Even your buddy's nine-owner, 500,000-mile 240 is eligible.

Volvo owners now benefit from a free towing plan valid for the entire life of their vehicle. Surprisingly, the service applies to every Volvo on the road regardless of age, mileage, or how many owners it has gone through since new.

Previously, Volvo owners benefited from free towing for the duration of their car's warranty. The Tow for Life program extends the service for the life of the vehicle, and loops in owners of older vehicles. Even someone driving a nine-owner 1991 240 stationo wagon with half a million miles on a broken odometer can commission a tow truck for free if it breaks down.

Volvo noted enrolling in the service is free, and it's available nationwide. Owners who need a tow simply need to call the company's Customer Care number.

The catch is that motorists can't decide where their car gets towed. It will automatically be taken to a local dealership that has chosen to participate in the program. Those who want to their car towed to their home or to an independent repair shop will need to pay for it. Whether they need to have it repaired at the shop it's towed to hasn't been specified yet.

"Tow for Life ensures that, in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle. It's a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine Volvo parts and repair methods. This will get customers back on the road faster and provide assurance that the repair was done right," said Scott Doering, the head of Volvo's customer service department in the United States.

2019 Volvo V60 pictured. Photo by Ronan Glon.

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