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Volvo Concept Coupe project 'on hold'

by Justin King

Volvo is enthusiastic about the idea, but the company\'s current focus is dominated by the second-generation XC90.

Volvo is reportedly hesitant to develop its Concept Coupe into a production model in the near term.

Introduced in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the coupe was inspired by the P1800 of the '60s and early '70s. It was the first of three concepts designed to show the potential flexibility of the company's Scalable Product Architecture, followed by the Concept XC Coupe and Concept Estate.

A positive reaction following the Concept Coupe's debut fueled speculation that it would be approved for production. A report from mid-2013 claimed Volvo's board was seriously considering a limited run, however a formal announcement never followed.

"The Concept Coupe is on hold," Volvo design manager Anders Gunnarson told Auto Express in a recent interview.

Gunnarson worked on the C70 design before the coupe was discontinued last year, and he admits that "a coupe is the car that a car manufacturer wants." He suggests Volvo leadership is still enthusiastic to build the Concept Coupe down the road, but the current focus is dominated by the second-generation XC90.

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