2007 Lotus Exige S

Lotus today announced the 2007 Lotus Exige S, the latest addition to its family of lightweight sports cars. It weighs just 935 kg (2057 lbs) and is powered by a 218 horsepower high-revving supercharged engine, giving a zero to 100 km/h time of just 4.3 seconds (0 - 60 mph in 4.1 seconds). Lotus says it's the "quickest Lotus production car - so far." Inspite of this phenomenal performance the fuel economy is impressive with an official combined figure of 9.1 litres / 100 km (31.0 mpg) - extra urban is an impressive 7.2 litres / 100 km (39.2 mpg). Pricing is estimated at √'¬£33,995 in the U.K., but unfortunately for us North Americans, no availability is planned at this time (sadly, this is also the case with the new Lotus Europa).

The heart of the Exige S is a Roots-type supercharger and air to air intercooler attached to the tried and tested 4-cylinder, 1.8 litre 2ZZ-GE VVTL-i engine. Using a development of the supercharger and intercooler package developed first for the already legendary Lotus Sport Exige 240R, the Exige S has peak power of 218 hp at 7800 rpm, 215 Nm (158.6 lb ft) of torque at 5500 rpm (but 80% is produced at just over 2000 rpm). Maximum engine speed is 8000 rpm (8500 rpm transient for up to 2 seconds).

A slightly redesigned air intake and roof scoop has been added to the Exige S to ensure that the air to air intercooler works as efficiently and effectively as possible in all climates and environments.

A single oval exhaust exits from the centre of the undertray.

The Lotus T4e Engine Management System"¨"¨The Lotus T4e Engine Management system is used in the Lotus Exige S. This engine management system has been programmed to optimize the supercharged engine."¨"¨The lightweight C64 six-speed gearbox (with an aluminium casing) is fitted with the closest ratios and gearset afforded by the transmission. The gearbox offers a fast, precise and light gearshift, ensuring drivers have total control and flexibility to apply the power exactly as and when required."¨"¨Equipment and Options"¨"¨ProBax Seats"¨"¨ProBax seats help to significantly improve the postural position of"¨the driver and passenger by maintaining the natural curvature of the spine,"¨so improving comfort and improving the body's blood flow.
"¨Touring Packs"¨"¨The Touring Pack includes electric windows, black suede effect interior with leather highlights, full carpet set, high specification DAB Radio and CD/MP3 player, sound insulation, auxiliary front driving lamps and interior stowage net."¨"¨The Super Touring Pack includes the contents of the Touring Pack plus an upgraded interior trim with driver and passenger airbags, high specification leather covered steering wheel, front speakers located in the fascia top panel, engine start button, trinket tray stowage unit, cup holder, leather handbrake sleeve, leather handbrake gaiter and gear shift knob and embroidered logo premium floor mats."¨"¨Sports Packs"¨"¨The Sports Pack includes switchable Lotus Traction Control (LTC) - see later for a full explanation of LTC. In addition, it is equipped with sports seats and a T45 steel roll-over hoop and harness bar for the aftermarket fitment of four point harnesses for track use only."¨"¨The Super Sports Pack includes the contents of the Sports Pack plus black colored ultra lightweight seven-twin spoke forged (6.5J front, 7.5J rear) alloy wheels (giving an unsprung weight saving of 2.7 kg (6 lbs) for each front wheel and 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) for each rear wheel - compared to the already lightweight cast wheels), track suspension with Eibach springs and Bilstein one-way adjustable dampers - with a single adjuster for bump and rebound - and adjustable ride height), adjustable front anti-roll bar and a double-shear rear traction control arm brace.

Standalone options"¨"¨Lotus Traction Control and Limited Slip Differential"¨"¨A switchable Lotus Traction Control System (LTC) is available for the Exige S. The LTC works through the Lotus T4e Engine Management System to reduce power when required to maintain traction. Unlike many traction control systems, LTC has been tuned to complement the skills of the driver without taking over. The Lotus LTC is active above 8 km/h (5 mph) and operates much more quickly than many brake based systems. The system can be deactivated with an illuminated button, which is located adjacent to the gear lever. A Torsen type limited slip differential (LSD) is also available for tight and twisty driving (such as in auto tests). The LSD is only available if LTC has been specified and is not available by itself.

Air-conditioning"¨"¨Air-conditioning is available as a cost option (standard in some markets) and weighs in at a featherweight 15 kg (~33 lbs).

A Comprehensive Range of colors"¨"¨The range of colors, from standard solid shades to metallic and fashionable lifestyle colors is available. colors include black, shades of silver, shades of blue, a vivid Aspen White, non metallic British Racing Green, a hot Chilli Red, a high metallic Solar Yellow and a harmonious Autumn Gold."¨"¨The total number of colors available is 20, excluding the bespoke custom colors.