BMW M7 a possibility, after all

BMW has been breaking a lot of company norms lately. Just recently, the company announced its first turbo motor in many years. Before that, it was revealed that the next M3 would have a V8 engine, instead of a traditional inline-configuration engine. And now, Chairman Helmut Panke has acknowledged that a BMW M7 might be a possibility, after all. The company has long said it wouldn't be possible to build a hotrod 7-Series and have it meet BMW's performance and handling standards. You've seen the Alpina B7. You've seen the G-Power G7. But an M7 would have to be different. In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Panke said BMW wouldn't just shoehorn a massive engine into the 7-Series. In other words, an M7 would not be BMW's version of an AMG S-Class, but something even sportier. Panke also commented that his company is trying to decide how to follow up to the Z8, which was largely considered to be a flop.