Bentley still developing an SUV?

Bentley is still working on a sport utility vehicle, according to a report published yesterday by Automedia. Apparently, test mules based on the Porsche Cayenne have been spotted at a Volkswagen facility in Germany. Volkswagen shares a platform with the Cayenne for its Touareg SUV, and could conceivably use the same architecture for a truck from its Bentley subsidiary. The possibility of a Bentley SUV was first reported in mid-2005 by the U.K.'s Autocar magazine. This January, Motor Trend said plans for the vehicle had been scrapped. Since Volkswagen's other premium subsidiary -- Lamborghini -- has seemingly scrapped plans for an SUV, it's possible a Bentley model is back on the table. The Leftlane Perspective: In the eyes of today's consumers, an SUV from Bentley makes more sense than one from Lamborghini. If VW needs to make an über-SUV, we'd rather see on from the Brtis than the Italians. [photo source]