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2008 F-Series Ford Super Duty due Sept. 28

by Nick Aziz

The 2008 F-Series Ford Super Duty will be unveiled at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on September 28th, according for Ford. The truck will be offered with a 6.4-liter Power Stroke engine -- Ford's "cleanest, quietest pickup diesel ever." It will be the first pickup engine in North America to use a high precision, high pressure, common-rail fuel injection system featuring piezo-electric injectors. Pricing, fuel economy and engine specifications - including power and torque ratings - will be available closer to the vehicle going on sale in early 2007. It's worth noting that General Motors originally said its new Silverado would also debut at the Texas State Fair, but the official unveiling came on August 2nd. This seems to suggest the Ford announcement could also come ahead of the show. In May, a photo leaked purportedly of the new truck. If you haven't seen it, have a look after the jump...