Tesla to offer all-electric sedan, too

Silicon Valley-based automaker Tesla Motors is planning a four-door sedan aimed at the BMW 5-Series, according to a published report. Like the now-famous Tesla Roadster, the sedan will be entirely electric and rear-wheel-drive, Tesla VP Mike Harrigan told the U.K.'s Autocar in a new interview.

While the Roadster is based on the Lotus Elise sports car, the four-door model is unlikely to be based on an aluminum platform from the British sports car maker. Instead, the car will feature lightweight steel construction.

A base model will offer around 250 horsepower and a range of 200 miles, while a more expensive variant will 300 mile range and greater output. The report also indicates there will be a high-performance version of the Roadster offered some time after the base model launches. (Of course, even the basic two-seater will hit 60 mph in 4.0 seconds, which should be quick enough for most folks.)