Ford says no to Mustang sedan, wagon; Announces "Interceptor" concept

Ford will not be building a sedan or wagon version of the Mustang, the company said in a statement to the press today. "Mustang is an icon and will continue in its current form: a unique, two-door, rear-wheel drive, 2+2 performance car," the statement read. Ford didn't rule out building retro sedans or wagons, but made it clear they would not bear the Mustang name.

Ford also announced it will reveal a new Lincoln rear-wheel-drive sedan concept at the Detroit auto show in January called "The Interceptor." It is "based on the Mustang's rear-wheel-drive architecture but it is not a Mustang," Ford said. Back in March, Newsweek reported Ford was working on a retro "rear-wheel-drive family car based on the Mustang that's coming at the end of the decade."

Rumors began this week when Autocar and AutoWeek reported Ford was readying four- and five-door versions of the Mustang alongside the sixth-generation Mustang coupe for 2011. The reports also said Ford Australia was developing a new rear-wheel-drive platform for a variety of future Fords -- a rumor that was shot down by spokesman Sinead McAlary.