George Lucas gets first Mosler MT900S

Famous film director and "Star Wars" creator George Lucas has taken delivery of the first street-legal Mosler MT900S. The black-on-black coupe -- worthy Darth Vader -- weighs just 2400 lbs and is powered by a 435 hp all-aluminum V8. It can hit 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

Lucas' car was delivered personally by Mike Vietro, owner of Mosler Mike Motorsports, the exclusive North American distributor for Mosler Automotive. (The first two MT900S production road cars remain in-house Mosler vehicles.)

"I was drawn to its looks, its power, its use of high-tech materials, and, of course, its speed," said Lucas, who also owns a Ferrari F360. The Mosler MT900S relies on lightweight carbon fiber composites in its tub and body panels. It also utilizes Kevlar, an ultra-strong, lightweight composite, in its floor, body and door structures. Gallery after the jump...