Toyota to combat FJ Cruiser's blind spots with rearview camera mirror

The Toyota FJ Cruiser possesses one of the worst blind spots on any new vehicle offered today. Thanks to its blocky styling that gives it a massive c-pillar, as well as a view-blocking spare tire, the FJ Cruiser makes backing out of a parking spot rather difficult. To combat this, Toyota announced today that the 2009 FJ Cruiser will be available with an optional rearview mirror with a built-in camera display.

Leftlane recently spent some time in a Hummer H3T with a similar mirror and we can report that it makes a dramatic difference when backing up. When the vehicle is put into reverse, a 2.4-inch (on the FJ Cruiser) LCD screen automatically appears within the mirror. Toyota hasn't released pricing on the optional mirror, which will be produced by aftermarket supplier Gentex.