Chevrolet unveils the GPiX concept

Chevrolet has officially taken the wraps of its GPiX concept at the 25th Sao Paulo International Auto Show being held in Brazil. Although a concept at this stage, Chevrolet says the GPiX is a preview of a future model, which is destined for the South American market in the coming years.

The GPiX - which is meant to mean global image -- essentially looks like a two-door 2010 Chevrolet Equinox, with Chevrolet's corporate styling front and center. Up front, the GPiX uses a grille similar to the Chevy Traverse, with LED headlights flanking both sides. A high beltline and sloping roof give the GPiX a sporty flair, while a higher ride height and 17 inch wheels give the GPiX a bit of rugged credentials. After all, the GPiX was designed to take on the rugged roads of South America.

"It offers the sporty design and versatility necessary for a country with the continental dimensions of Brazil," said Carlos Barba, GM's design boss for Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The GPiX's interior doesn't exactly look production ready, but does feature Chevy's new "˜twin-cockpit' design theme. The GPiX has seating for four, will all seats able to fold completely flat. A panoramic glass roof ensures that the GPiX's cabin will always be light and airy. No word on what powertrain lies beneath the GPiX's hood.

A version of the GPiX will make production in South America, but other markets could see the two-door "˜ute, too. No word on what other markets are up for consideration, but we're sure U.S. buyers wouldn't mind a crack at the sporty crossover.