Correction: Mercedes E-Class Coupe is "more than 60 percent" based on E-Class

Despite yesterday's numerous reports to the contrary, Mercedes-Benz issued a statement today clarifying that the all-new E-Class two-door is indeed mostly based on the E-Class sedan, not the smaller C-Class. Some confusion arose over comments made by Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Ernst Leib.

According to Mercedes-Benz USA's PR department, the E-Class coupe shares more than 60 percent of its "components and technology" with the E-Class sedan, but it does use the "Agility Control" suspension found in the Sport version of the C-Class sedan.

Much discussion has been had over the new E-Class sedan, which Leftlane reviewer Mark Elias recently drove. In his first drive report, Elias correctly pointed out that the new coupe is E-Class based, unlike its CLK-Class predecessor, which broke tradition for two generations by being based on the smaller C-Class architecture.