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'The Snake' bites back with countless motorcycles crashes on Mulholland drive [Videos]

by Mark Kleis

Leftlane has brought our readers numerous videos of super stunts and superstars taking high-horsepower cars for a spin on southern California's famous Mulholland Highway. This time we bring you a collection of motorcycle wipe-outs on the most famous twists and turn on Mulholland - 'The Snake.'

If you scrolled down at all, you likely noticed a rather extensive collection of videos accumulated for your enjoyment. Amazingly, they are all shot at virtually the same location known by street bike riders as 'The Snake.'

The rider in this video pushes his bike just a little too hard - with the rear end coming around and the rider testing his gymnast skills as he does a rather painful back flip before coming to a stop.

This video shows just how much attention riding a street bike through twists and turns really takes. The rider is approaching the apex of a turn and notices a CHP cruiser parked on the side of the road - lifting his head just slightly - but enough to lose his concentration and lay his bike down. Ouch.

This accident is a prime example of why amateurs should stick to classes and basic roads - or at least wear the proper protective gear if they are going to try and ride with the big boys. He's lucky that tennis shoe flying off didn't result in a serious injury to his now bare foot.

This rider made a simple shifting error, which resulted in apparent confusion and a loss of speed that ended up with his Yamaha R6 tucked under a guard rail. Good thing the guard rail was there, or this rider might have been walking home.

The rider on this Yamaha R1 managed to save a near wipeout - whether by luck or experience - or a combination of the two - we're sure it got his heart pumping a bit faster than it was going into The Snake.

This Yamaha R1 rider wasn't quite so lucky - or skilled - at any rate this R1 receives a fresh batch of road rash following a lowside fail.

In case you are starting to wonder if it is even possible to navigate "the snake" on Mulholland without laying your bike down, ask "BusaFalconer." He seems to have it down just fine. From a "cager" to a fine rider, well done sir!

Special thanks to YouTube user "rnickeymouse" for capturing so many great accidents on The Snake.