Nissan pulls cube from European market

Nissan's peculiarly-styled cube compact vehicle has been officially removed from the European market, citing currency related loss of profit.

The Nissan cube is one of the more interesting vehicles currently on the road, thanks largely to its asymmetrical rear design.

One might think that it would be this arguably too unconventional design that would be the cause for cancellation, but according to WhatCar?, Nissan's decision to pull the model from the European market actually has more to do with unfavorable exchange rates between the Yen and Euro.

In addition to unfavorable exchange rates, it must also be considered that Nissan projected nearly triple the number of units actually sold in many European markets.

The decision has apparently already been made, and no new cubes will be imported into the European market. As such, any remaining shoppers looking for an unconventional alternative in the compact segment better quickly find one of the remaining models on dealer lots.

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