Chrysler to bring fleet sales in-line with industry average

It double the industry average last year, but Chrysler says it will bring its fleet sales in-line with other automakers in 2011.

With fresh products finally hitting the ground, Chrysler says it will greatly reduce its dependence on fleet sales in 2011. Chrysler was forced to ratchet up fleet sales following its 2009 exit from bankruptcy.

Due to a less than competitive vehicle lineup, Chrysler leaned heavily on fleet sales in 2010, with the company's fleet mix hitting a high of 56 percent of total sales in February. Chrysler ended 2010 with four-straight months of fleet sales under 30 percent of total volume, but still ended the year with 38 percent of sales to fleet customers. The industry average was 19 percent.

However, with new product now arriving on dealer lots across the country, Chrysler is hopeful it will be able to reduce its fleet sales to the industry average in 2011.

"By the end of the year, we will definitely be at industry average," Fred Diaz, head of Chrysler's U.S. sales, said. "That's the goal; that's our plan."

Chrysler's total sales increased 17 percent in 2010, totaling 1.09 million vehicles. Last month Chrysler's sales spiked 23 percent to 70,118 units. Chrysler hopes to profit as much as $500 million this year.

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