High-performance NSX Type R coming in 2020?

Japanese media reports a power increase to 641 horses.

Japanese media says a higher performance NSX is coming. The conclusion? Acura's flagship is about to get the Type R treatment.

According to Spyder 7, the NSX Type R will feature powertrain components derived from the NSX GTR race car, increasing output from the current 573 horsepower to an estimated 641. It's not clear whether its hybrid motors would be part of the equation.

Like the NSX GT3, much of the the body would have carbon fiber construction. The grille, front air dam — for which there is already a patent for a design not found on the current NSX — and side skirts would exhibit exposed carbon fiber. A large rear wing and a black canopy hearken back to the Type R NSXes of the 1990s. Of course, it would be finished in Championship White, the color of Honda's Formula 1 Grand Prix winning RA272 of 1965.

Spyder 7 says the expected release date is sometime in 2020, with the price in Japan at around ¥35 million, which is equivalent to about $320,000 US dollars. However, the regular NSX currently sells for the yen equivalent of $217,000 in Japan, while the US price is just $157,000.

Image by Ben Hsu.

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