Honda delays Legend launch in Japan to reassess radar, hybrid tech

Honda engineers are taking a closer look at the JDM Acura RLX\' hybrid powertrain and collision-avoidance radar.

Honda is reportedly delaying the JDM launch of its Legend sedan to reassess several potential quality concerns.

The same model encountered a few quality issues following its launch in the US market as the Acura RLX, with three quick recalls to fix problems with the headlights, seat belts and suspension. The Sport Hybrid edition also faced a lengthy delay, allegedly related to a technical issue with the new all-wheel-drive technology.

The company is now pushing the Legend's Japan launch into late February, the second such delay after an initial expectation of a fall launch, according to a statement to Bloomberg.

Spokesman Atsushi Ohara further notes that engineers are taking a closer look at the Legend's collision-avoidance sensor system and its hybrid powertrain. It is unclear if the latter issue is related to the mystery problem that delayed the RLX, or if the radar system on the US model is also potentially deficient.

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