Alfa Romeo readying bigger SUV, Giulia coupe?

Both projects are expected to be publicly confirmed in June.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is said to be ready to make a few significant Alfa Romeo announcements at an event in June, marking CEO Sergio Marchionne's 14th year at the helm, according to Autocar.

The Italian marque is said to be working on a new flagship Giulia coupe with 641 horsepower and F1-derived KERS hybrid powertrain technology.

The 'coupe' could be offered in two- and five-door variants, mimicking German automakers.

A new large SUV is rumored to be included in the announcement. It is expected to boast a 48-volt mild hybrid system, providing extra power for an electrically assisted turbocharger and helping improve fuel economy.

The SUV is likely being fast-tracked to production, with a rumored arrival of late 2019. A five-seat package will be the first to appear, potentially followed by a seven-seater.

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