Aston Martin AM-RB 003 to get 1,000 horsepower, AWD?

The car is expected to fetch more than $1 million.

A few technical details of Aston Martin's AM-RB 003 hypercar appear to have slipped ahead of schedule.

The concept's recent debut confirmed the 003 will be the first model powered by Aston Martin's new hybrid turbo V6 engine. An official dealer brochure obtained by Carscoops suggests the company is hoping to achieve a combined output of at least 1,000 horsepower.

The hybrid system will use electric motors to drive the front wheels, enabling all-wheel drive and slashing the expected zero-to-62 mph benchmark to around 2.5 seconds. Top speed is said to be north of 220 mph.

The document also indicates the Valkyrie's unique suspension features will trickle down to the 003, which boasts a full carbon monocoque chassis and composite body panels for a curb weight just shy of 3,000 pounds.

The first of just 500 planned production units are expected to arrive in 2021 with a price tag equivalent to $1.1 million USD.

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