Aston Martin confirms Valhalla nameplate for AM-RB 003

Just 500 examples will be built.

Aston Martin has officially announced that its next mid-engine hypercar will be known as the Valhalla.

Formerly referred to by the development codename AM-RB 003, the car takes its name from Norse mythology. Valhalla represents the afterlife paradise reserved for warriors who have died in combat.

The hypercar carries forward technology developed for the Aston Martin Valkyrie including all-carbon construction and innovative aerodynamics. It will be powered by a high-output turbocharged V6 paired with a hybrid system.

"Norse mythology contains such powerful language and rich storytelling it felt only right that the AM-RB 003 should follow the Valkyrie's theme," says Aston Martin Lagonda chief Andy Palmer. "For those fortunate enough to own one I'm sure they will recognise and appreciate the name's connotations of glory and happiness, for there can be few more hallowed places than the driver's seat of an Aston Martin Valhalla."

Only 500 Valhallas will be built, each with a seven-figure price tag.

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