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2019 DB11

The DB11 ushers in a new era for Aston Martin in terms of styling, packaging, and performance. The line-up includes the coupe model detailed here, and a convertible named DB11 Volante.


The DB11 rides on a brand-new platform that makes extensive use of aluminum in order to keep weight in check. The result is a light, stiff chassis that works with a brake-based torque vectoring system to help the DB11 deliver agile handling. It's one of the sharpest cars ever to wear Aston Martin's winged emblem. It's not just a grand tourer for the French Riviera; this coupe can carve corners, too.

The model comes in two distinct flavors: V12 or V8. Designed in-house, the 12-cylinder is a 5.2-liter unit that spearheads the company's downsizing effort. It relies on a pair of turbochargers to send 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission manufactured by ZF. The gearbox is mounted over the rear axle to help with weight distribution.

The entry point into the DB11 family is a more affordable model equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. Sound familiar? If it does, it's because the eight-cylinder is an Aston-specific version of the engine that powers dozens of Mercedes-AMG models, including the GT and the C63. In this application it generates 503 horsepower and 498 pound-feet of torque. The eight-speed mentioned above comes standard here, too.

The V12-powered DB11 performs the benchmark zero-to-62-mph sprint in 3.9 seconds. The V8-powered model takes four seconds flat. The difference is imperceptible in real life, but there's nothing quite like driving a V12.

Spotter's guide

The DB11 wears sharper, more elegant rendition of Aston Martin's instantly-recognizable design language. And no, it's not just you; it kind of does look like a Ford Fiesta from certain angles. The familiar grille remains, but the headlights stretch further into the long, sculpted hood. Vents cut into the front wheel arches add a striking element to the DB11 when it's viewed from the side. The roof line flows into a rear end dominated by thin C-shaped headlights and a creased fascia.

The cabin shows Aston Martin's commitment to building more modern cars. Step inside and you'll find a digital instrument cluster that can be configured by the driver, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a screen for the infotainment system on top of the center console. Below it are buttons for the transmission and the climate control settings. You sit low in the DB11, and you're surrounded by top-notch materials like leather and carbon fiber.

Key competitors

The Aston Martin DB11 competes in the same segment as the Bentley Continental GT, the Ferrari California T, and the Lamborghini Huracan. Which one you select largely depends on what you're looking for in a supercar - and which one you don't already have in your garage.