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Spied: 2019 Audi A6

by Byron Hurd

Audi\'s executive sedan was spotted undergoing winter testing.

The 2019 Audi A6 sedan has been spotted undergoing cold-weather testing. While it retains fairly extensive camouflage, we can see quite plainly that Audi is executing yet another evolutionary (rather than revolutionary) design update.

In profile, the two cars could scarcely be told apart. The 2019 A6 will clearly retain the outgoing car's comparatively upright build and defined sedan proportions, though the relatively gradual taper of the rear greenhouse remains. It's no A7, but it's very clearly a modern, more coupe-inspired design than its predecessors, whose longer rear decks are a thing of the past.

Stand-out changes include a new headlamp design, a re-proportioned grille to better match Audi's A8-inspired sedan lineup, and a new vertical tail lamp LED signature (replacing the horizontal "swoosh" seen on the current car).

Inside, we expect the A6 to incorporate Audi's new "virtual cockpit" setup, with all the associated technological bells and whistles. Under the hood, rumors point to an exclusively four- and six-cylinder engine lineup, with turbochargers aplenty. Only RS models will get a higher cylinder count, so expect to see the corporate twin-turbo V8 to be employed when the new RS6 comes along.

The "C8" generation Audi A6 will see it move to Audi's latest platform architecture, which means electrification is on the table for future variants of the executive car. Whether they will be produced and what form they will take still remain a mystery.

At this point, the new A6 appears to be a bit behind its originally expected due date, but parent company Volkswagen has certainly had its hands full over the past few years, so perhaps the delay is inevitable. Expect it to land in Europe in the second half of 2018, with a staggered U.S. release to follow.

Photos by Brian Williams.