2020 Audi SQ7 refresh spied

Audi's sportier crossover will also benefit from a refresh.

Earlier today, our spies caught the facelifted 2020 Audi Q7 testing on the road in Germany. They're following that up with the sportier variant of Audi's three-row: the 2020 SQ7

While the badges are covered by camo, it's easy to identify this prototype thanks to the large faux intakes in the front; the massive wheels; and the twin, dual-tip exhaust finishers. Like the Q7, the SQ7 will receive just minor updates to the front and rear bumpers, the grille and the tailgate. 

Rumors once swirled the the United States would get the SQ7 TDI, but in the wake of Dieselgate, that seems unlikely despite the fact that the S model makes use of what is effectively a 48V mild hybrid system powering an electric supercharger to eliminate lag in its primary turbochargers. 

It may sound green for a performance SUV, we suspect it's not quite green enough, especially from a company that is still reeling from its role in parent company Volkswagen's emissions scandal.

Absent any new information, we have to assume that this refreshed model is destined only for the European market. Stay tuned.

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