Bentley Bentayga sets SUV record at Pikes Peak

The luxurious production SUV shaved two minutes off the previous record with an average speed of 66.5 mph.

The Bentley Bentayga has set a new record for production SUVs at Pikes Peak.

Two-time champion Rhys Millen launched up the mountain in 10:49.9, climbing nearly 5,000 vertical feet and 12.42 miles with 156 corners at an average speed of 66.5 mph.

The luxury SUV slashed nearly two minutes from the previous record, set five years ago by Paul Dallenbach in a Range Rover Sport.

"What an incredible machine," said Millen. "To take a luxury SUV with minimal modifications and be able to drive up this course in under 11 minutes is a huge testament to the performance and level of engineering in the Bentayga."

The SUV received 'minimal' modifications including racing seats, a roll cage and fire suppression system. Bentley picked the best tires from Pirelli's DOT-compliant range.

To celebrate the record, the company is creating a batch of 10 special edition Pikes Peak Bentayga vehicles.

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