New Bentley Flying Spur to feature four-wheel steering

The tech is a first for Bentley.

Bentley has announced the next-generation Flying Spur sedan will be the first vehicle in the marque's history to be equipped with four-wheel steering. The all-new Flying Spur is set to be unveiled on June 11.

Bentley says the addition of four-wheel steering to the Flying Spur will improve both the sedan's high-speed stability and around town maneuverability. Presumably, the Flying Spur's electronic four-wheel steering system will eventually make it to the mechanically similar Continental GT.

In another first for Bentley, the Flying Spur will use a new all-wheel drive system that sends 100 percent of the engine's power to the rear wheels during normal conditions, thereby improving overall handling. If slippage is detected, the system will automatically divert some power to the vehicle's front wheels.

The new Flying Spur will also feature Bentley's Dynamic Ride system, which automatically changes suspension stiffness to reduce body roll. Thanks to that trio of technologies, Bentley promises the Flying Spur will deliver "unparalleled agility for the segment.”

The new Flying Spur is expected to go on sale shortly after in June 11 unveiling.

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