BMW confirms AWD for future M cars

The company expects more difficulty selling 600hp RWD cars in snowy markets such as Canada.

A BMW executive has confirmed that M cars will inevitably receive all-wheel drive as an available option.

M division chief Frank van Meel suggests AWD will become an increasingly sensible feature for the company's most powerful cars, as output ratings continue to climb year after year, according to an interview with Autocar. A lack of AWD is already believed to have negatively affected sales in snowy markets such as Canada.

The comments do not come as a surprise, despite BMW M's rear-wheel-drive prowess. Van Meel claims it will remain an option for M cars, rather than a standard feature.

The next-generation M5 (pictured) could be the first example. Previous reports suggest it will be offered with all-wheel drive as an upgrade option.

The German automaker is still brainstorming potential branding for the AWD M cars, which will not carry over the 'xDrive' badge from the standard non-M variants. A unique trademark will help highlight the AWD system's rear-wheel bias.

Van Meel did not specify a time-frame for introducing AWD to the M car family.

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