BMW installs 100 electric car chargers in America's national parks

The chargers are primarily on the coasts.

BMW has donated 100 charging stations to America's national parks to ensure electric car owners can criss-cross the country without worrying about running out of electricity. The project is a partnership between the Munich-based firm, the National Park Foundation, the National Park Service, and the Department of Energy.

The 100 stations BMW pledged to pay for are located in or around the most scenic national parks in the United States. Locations weren't chosen purely based on their landscape, though. The team in charge of figuring out where to place the stations looked at the size of the EV market around each park, the location of the nearest existing charger, and the landscape.

It's no surprise, then, that the chargers are located primarily on the coasts. They're in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, California, and Washington. 90 of them are already live; the remaining 10 will be set up before the end of July 2019. Looking at the list reveals they're often in front of hotels or visitor centers. Don't expect to find a charger if you go off-roading.

The National Park Service said the BMW-sponsored charging ports have AC and DC fast-chargers. Of course, road-trippers don't need to drive a BMW to take advantage of them. How much they cost to use hasn't been revealed yet.

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